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Network Data Rack
Network Design

Starting Fresh

At GreenStone Services building a network, a Server,

or a PC is always approached with the same ideology.

What is most important to the Customer.

In the Network Design service GSS will ask very important

questions to get you matched up to what you need:

1 What are you wanting to accomplish within your network?
2 Do you need guest access?
3 How fast is too fast?
4 What types of security do you need or want?
5 Do you need a distributed network?
6 Are you trying to reach an outbuilding or

garage that is within site of eye?

In the past GSS personnel have worked on projects that

range from simple home networks from just DSL and

Cable connections to Wi-Fi, ranging up to networks that require

an entire room for the switches routers and servers that run them.

The Great thing about starting your network from nothing

is with GreenStone Services behind you, you'll know

with our years of field experience your network will

be smooth, it will be well installed, and fit your needs.

What Can G.S.S. Do For You?
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