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Remote Access

Helping You Without Disturbing Your Day

Remote access or Remote Support, what is it?

Simply put it is a way for GreenStone and you to work together over a quick

phone call so we can connect your PC to one of our business PC's

and then resolve the issue(s) you are having!


  You can choose from Team Viewer Host or Log Me In Rescue if you prefer.

GreenStone tries to offer multiple options to our clients and people seeking help.

Mainly because on occasion having one just isn't enough, and at other times if we aren't successful with one Remote program the other works where one may not.


At the bottom of every page you'll find on the left and right in the

footers a link for my Help Line feel free to click them.

 But please call us first and lets see what I can do for you!

What Can G.S.S. Do For You?
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