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Security Cameras looking at a suspicious character

Keep an eye on your precious items

Video Surveillance and Security Alarms

As a company matures and gathers expensive equipment or your family grows and your loved ones become more precious to you, everything about them becomes more important, and more valuable in your life.  

GreenStone has experience in installing Coaxial Cameras, IP cameras and Wireless Cameras, DVR and NVR recorders.  Don't let the phrases like POE, Solid State, Variable Focus,  Platter Drives,  PTL, PTZ or PTZ by serial controls, or the lack of knowledge for Wi-Fi Blanketing get you down.  


That is what we are here for.  We can select a system, set of cameras and keep things within budget for you, and finish a project you want to check off your list so you can sleep better at night, make sure the basement isn't flooding again, the kids are home from school and are actually doing homework and relax.  


There is nothing quite like knowing at any time you can get a phone out and view your house, or business and feel assured.

What Can G.S.S. Do For You?
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