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What Can G.S.S. Do For You?
Virus Removal

Taking out the Root

Oh. No. You have to call Microsoft, or HP, or someones called you on your phone.  


Typically these are scams, however sometimes they can and do point to underlying issues and viruses.  These Days Viruses are getting much bigger media attention than ever before and everything seems slightly more scary when it comes to those viruses. 


As far as if they can be removed or not?  Some yes, some no.

Is it safe to use a computer that has been infected and then cleaned.  Well that is out for deliberation.  My answer and that of many on my level of experience feel that if it is just something annoying (adware browser redirects) that isn't a device to steal your information it is OK.  However if key-loggers or worse are present then maybe its time to clean out the whole PC.   No worries G.S.S. does this in the friendliest way to your data as possible.  Transporting it to our Linux Secured Server, and then back to your PC once cleansed.

Either way G.S.S. Will investigate, find the infection find out what it does and help you make the best choice you can with the information available.  No one else does that.  Not locally.  That away you avoid costly repairs if you can, and your machine can get back to its desk as fast is as proper.

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