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EVGA GeForce Nvida are hot items.

Above pictured a healthy set of vrms or Voltage Regulator Modules. See the second picture below.

This is why not just trusting it will be the best but asking questions instead is important. It isn't so much that it is a failure on EVGA or Nvidia's part, rather the component manufacturer or engineers. And at that it could have been this was a decision to use not a substandard part, but a part that should be able to handle the load but has a flaw at the manufacturer level.

Video Cards are notorious for being Power Hungry. Simply put Not having a component with the strength to handle today's power consumption and amperage pulls could be what is causing this. One thing is true, in construction or in computers. Engineers sometimes make mistakes, or can not see there will be a problem until there is.

Component failure isn't unheard of, but could be a major fire hazard if say someone wasn't home was using a program to keep their video card busy doing math equations as people with these sorts of high to higher end video cards sometimes do. Lets ask the more important question. What if the computers safety mechanism doesn't kick in and shut the PC off at the failure event?

Time will tell if a recall is announced damages to PC's are paid, cards are freely replaced, but let's hope EVGA stands by their customers.

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