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Custom Gaming PC

We Keep up on the latest.  

Its what we love, so bring us your wish list, we'll make you a quote, build your PC then install what you need and what you want.

Servers that Suit you

Although we can and do build servers as simple as just a PC with one hard drive and a backup device, we also handle Servers.

We prefer Super Micro for a reason.  They seem to last forever, they are dependable, and in most applications meet and exceed what people need and ask for.  From quad hard drives ranging up to data-center devices.

Personal Computer with an Attitude

Don't quite want a custom gaming rig, but you do want something better than a 250 dollar throw away computer?


GreenStone Services, can take care of that. We prefer Lenovo and Dell for Box computers, but we have a way of making a Custom PC that lets the PC use itself to the best ability it can.  Nothing bloat, just OS, Antivirus, Drivers and a few programs you need.  Plus the hardware specific optimizations that will make your computer shine.

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