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Need Help installing Office or your latest updates.  We know how to make things more compatible.

Wireless Networking

Selecting the appropriate router is a daunting task for much of anyone.  Today there seems to be as many routers as there are cars on the road.  However there are a select few that are golden, and don't cost an arm and a leg.  Then again if performance is what matters we know about that too.


What ever happened to connecting a cable to a printer and it just working?

We can set up your printer how you want.  Wireless, Wired, USB as long as your printer supports it.  And on occasion we can even set it up how you want regardless of what the printer thinks!

Computer Memory

Memory Upgrades can be a lifeline to a computer.  


Manufactures, and we do mean all of them have a tendency to put in a bare minimum to the masses.  You could be surprised what your PC or Laptop could do if it had more memory to work with.

Hard Drives

Often this is the slowest part of a PC.  


Even PC's thought of as nope, too slow could actually still be viable.  SSD Hard Drives are exactly what the Computing world needed, and if you had one in your computer you would know the difference.  

We install all, IDE Sata and SSD Drives

Cat 5 Cat5E Cat6

An office, or a house that supports you needs to have a location where it all comes together.


Most devices get their information across Cat5e, or Cat6 cabling for router to router communication or for stability for device to router in a world where Wi-Fi signals are becoming more and more saturated.  


We accept new builds, and some old builds for cabling projects.  

Security Systems

Have an existing alarm and tired of the hassle?  Tired of having to try to fix it yourself?  Not been treated well when calling the Alarm people?


Let a company that has twenty years of experience handle it for you.

We do new installs, cut overs to our alarm monitoring, and we can even trouble shoot your equipment if you come to us and see if it is still in good working condition if you haven't used it in some time, or help select a new alarm.  We will happily go over the zones / partitions with you and show you what is working and what is not working.

If the wiring is already in place that reduces the time of the re-installs greatly!

Video Surveillance

We support a wide range of NVRs, software solutions, and DVRs. Coaxial Cameras, POE Cameras, and Wireless Cameras as well.

We can troubleshoot existing setups, or install a fresh one for you.  Did you know that thanks to Cellphones the newer IP cameras have Megapixels just the same and provide Super Clear Coverage?

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