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The process

Virus Cleanup is by quote and estimate and has to be considered on a case by case basis.


Most situations can be resolved with two to three hours of billable time.  


This is the amount of time a G.S.S. tech will spend activity researching and removing viruses that our tools and diagnostics and human investigations clue us into. 

Breakdown of time

The entire time to remove virus infections on a computer is roughly Sixteen hours of bench time.  Here is the break down, unlike some places we do not charge bench time only the time we are focusing on research or repairing a computer or device.


  • Six hours diagnostics of hardware

  • Three hours of diagnostics software

  • Three hours of removing and researching the problem

  • Two to Four hours of Virus scans afterward to ensure it is gone

  • One hour of Network Traffic monitoring after virus scans to make sure packets going out of network are expected.

What makes more sense for your situation

As you can see it truly is a lot of work and you will be called with a quote before we start researching and removing items.


Most of the time is time the machine is keeping itself busy so we don't charge you for that time but the One to Three Hours of Time we focus deeply on your computer is $50 to $150.00 if the service is in shop.  


In most cases, if the machine is really infected G.S.S. will recommend you have us Clean your Machine so that there is no chance of it coming back.  If the infections require us to go beyond the three hour mark it is just simply cheaper to clean the machine out than track out the viruses one by one.

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