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You've been watching ***** Call Microsoft!

Hoping everyone had a safe and Happy Halloween.

Just wanted to share that the Pop Ups saying YOU MUST CALL *insert company* are getting very active again. If your computer tells you to call someone, please for you sanity sake and your bank account don't.

This is an older Scam that has resurfaced over the last two years. And really rarely has the person being put out by their computer done the things they are being accused of. However it is the Shock of the matter that gets the Users attention and then makes the self doubt and self incrimination of what if someone else did this on my computer kick in. Then they call the number.

Example of two Chrome browsers open

Over the years I have seen this take form in "THE FBI Knows you have Child porn", or "APPLE account of you had been uncleened please call now." A lot of the time the grammar and spelling and capitalization of words can be a big clue. Also look for two windows of your browser open. All these things together will let you know quite quickly it isn't legitimate. Trust me when I say, if you had a sickness and pictures of that sort, the FBI would not contact you on your computer via a popup kindly asking you to call them. Also if something is telling you a particular program needs the HD, or Supper incredible version of itself to do what you want? Run.

A little known fact, installers are the weakest point of antiviruses when new viruses have been wrote, or newer harder to detect variants of the same old things are re-wrote.

Microsoft has reported 175,000 customers calling in about this over the last two years. Now imagine between Apple, HP, Microsoft and whom ever these clever thieves try to be tomorrow how many people fall victim daily. Anyone calling you, or any pop ups telling you to spend money are in my experience fraudulent.

See the picture with this post, sometimes that bar at the top that says "Message from Webpage" does not show. Or is renamed to say Windows Error, or perhaps System.

GSS Repair Microsoft Fake Popup example

Best advice I can give to avoid it? When you see that pop up, right-click and close all browser windows then click on the start button and shut down your PC. Next update your virus software and run a full scan. Typically this is just a pop up, but sometimes it is tied to free software installs that aren't so innocent.

Have a good day, and Spread the WORD!

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