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Windows 10 Creator Blues

Windows 10 Bsod

BSOD, after installing the latest update?

It's ok isn't it?

Not really, but thousands of machines this morning with Microsoft Windows 10, and a couple of factors USB - C and others as well Mostly Hardware are affected.

If this upgrade failed for you, or if like most you already have this issue there are some ways to fix this I would like to try. I have a plan and think there is a easy resolution after reading up on it.

Mostly Don't Panic, and for the love of all that is your DATA DON'T use the Nuclear option to fix it. Refresh is usually ok. You'll loose a little application wise or data wise but occasionally refresh will loose everything. Which is why I ask people to keep backups.

Also a note is in Windows 10 it has a Fresh Start Option as well and you will loose everything hence the namesake. Office if installed, digital licenses, etc.

This goes back to what I have said countless times.

Do I think Microsoft should include generic drivers, and updates to the generic drivers to make it easier to install Windows? Yes

Do I think a Software company should be Mass Producing Generic drivers as Product Specific Drivers that aren't for your Specific Hardware? Absolutely Not.

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