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WanaCry, Don't panic!

Wanacry Virus.

What a storm show that is from our lovely government!

WanaCry.Ransome Infection Notice Picture

Time for best operating practices 101 to help you from getting to this lovely screen.

1) Complete your PC's Microsoft Windows updates.

2) Complete your antivirus updates. And if you have security essentials or webrooooot. Let's be honest and open. In my experience and the German authority that grants certification. One doesn't work well, and the other lost accreditation years ago. Get avast avg or Norton's.

3) complete Java Flash Adobe reader (what ever version) updates

4) Now for you guys and Dolls and women who are feminist and strong !! Don't open any suspicious email attachments. Also don't follow any links unless you verify by looking that it goes where it says it goes.

Remember you wouldn't open a package on your doorstep that has wires sticking out and ticking. Just the same as suspicious ups, municipal companies you've never heard of, or emails from African / Nigerian princes wanting you to sale gold for them. Those packages Are just waiting to explode.

Have a good day, be safe, and if you want me to make sure all this is done for you I will happily. Just give me a call!

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