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Air flow, Dust, and your PC

Fans , radiators, liquid dielectric cooling, static electricity and the environment are working against your computer. With moving plastic fans attached to metal housings and fins even the air from a clean house is a recipe for dust bunnies.

Dusty Bunny Fan and Mother Board

They start small, but like most bunnies multiply rapidly once they get established on heat sync's metal bodies eventually blocking the airflow that cools the brain of the PC. Also they work down getting between the gold fingers on memory slots and block mostly the intake areas of the devices airflow.

Processors that are very happy run at about 30-40 degrees Celsius and in Fahrenheit around 86° to 104°. When your devices airflow stops or becomes inadequate that can quickly escalate to 75-95° C or 168-205° F. Sometimes higher causing thermal shutdown protection to activate and shut your PC off.

Keep in mind water boils at 212, and sodium's melting point is 208.

Most good processors have safety mechanisms to throttle and then shut down a device before damage occurs, but do it long enough and any mechanical device will fail from overheating and the stresses that causes internally.

The main point is give GSS a call, and come get your PC cleaned proper with a moisture controlled, gentle air cleaning to give your devices the longest life they can have for free!

If we know you are coming we will be ready for you so you can be on your way in just a few minutes!

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