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Check Your CCleaner Please

It didn't make big news splashes yesterday, but in my aggregates and after checking it out for myself I found an issue with CCleaner 5.33. So how do I check my CCleaner And Why would I do that Mr. ????

In Windows 7, Go to Start then Control Panel Then Programs and Features. Select CCleaner and it will tell you the Version of CCleaner.

If it is 5.33 then Remove IT!

Here is what happened. The Bad guys, or Peggy as I have been referring to them here of late have been plugging away at how to get into PC's again. And how better than a program millions trust?

Peggy, the bad guys, got into a download server that hosted CCleaner and uploaded their special sauce version of it. The parent company found this fairly quickly and removed the server all together from the internet. They and I urge you to remove the 5.33 CCleaner and install 5.34 version.

The reason this was targeted that wasn't covered is CCleaner is more than a one PC solution these days. It can be used by IT Professionals and Small business owners / IT Staff to monitor and deploy automated routines to all of their PC's from a cloud website.

In my humble opinion and with the available information of the infected version reporting to nonregistered domains, it seems the business clients were the intended targets for this attack.

Is CCleaner Safe to use? Most Certainly. I still do mainly because of the Parent Companies response time, transparency of the event, and actions to notify press.

If you have any issues, or need help feel free to reach out to us we'll be glad to help.

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