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Pliers and a Component
Hardware Repair

Don’t Sweat It, We Don't

     GreenStone's hardware repair is what has been behind the prestigious

repair companies in Owensboro for 20 Years.

Why not come directly to the source instead of using middle men. 

Most 1800 numbers will get you to people that cant physically touch your device. 

And that can not fully satisfy most repairs.

     GreenStone is more than happy to answer any of your questions before,

during, and after the repair process. Not satisfied?

We’ll be sure to do everything in our power to get the job done

right on the rare occasion we miss something. It is just

a small part of what we do for you! 

GreenStone does not offer guarantees, or warranties, because

we have integrity.  Integrity in our business means we take care of you,

and keep you coming back because we do what we should without

having to be asked too.

When you bring your device in for repair we will call you first after a diagnostic.  This is usually what takes the longest!  We make sure your hard drive is good, then we check your devices memory.  Next we move to viruses.  If all that is ok, we move on to what you asked us to look into, then call you with a price for the work.  If it will cost too much to fix, well tell you up front.  No Gimmicks allowed!  We do not do follow up sales calls, or up sales.  GreenStone Understands that not every Device and issue is the same, and not every Fix, Repair or Maintenance performed will be the same twice.

Wouldn't it be nice to know you wouldn't loose a set amount  of money just for taking something to have it looked at?  I know people that got charged nearly 200 dollars to have toolbars removed! that is just too much. If you want to see what Computer Repair Should be, come by for a checkup.  Even if you decide to get nothing done, your device will come home better off.  Every PC or Laptop we look at we clean with moisture controlled compressed air to clean the fans in the power supply and the heat syncs on processors and the video cards.  This adds up to your device lasting longer and running better because it can run cooler under load!

What Can G.S.S. Do For You?
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