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Cloud with Cables
Network Redesign

Go from "Why can't I?" To "I Am"

Since the late 90's, GreenStone Technicians working

under other companies umbrellas in the past has provided customers with convenient and comprehensive services for all their networking needs.  And your future is secured with our continuing Tradition of Excellence and Knowledge.

GreenStone Services, is committed to helping make your life and

business day easier. Our Network Redesign Service is there to get your

files to you, your file transfers between machines stable again,

and to get your connection to the outside world the best it can be.


     Sometimes replacing equipment is not a viable option for the now,

and has to be looked at verses top and bottom lines. 


Occasionally as a home owner, and family person you have to ensure

your family makes ends come together. GreenStone

understands and most of the time GSS can fix the

little configuration problems that are keeping you from functioning, 

without replacing expensive hardware!


     When our clients see what they can do with what they

have if things are just tweaked for them they are very happy,

we do this for all of our clients large and small. GSS will be

there when you need them most. Call us today or reach out

with social media and find out more.

What Can G.S.S. Do For You?
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