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Windows Updates Taking Too Long? Not for us ;)

Its obscure really but after reading up, calling about and doing some research on the matter unlike some companies around the great United States of America we have found the reason for the slowness on Windows 7 and Windows Vista and upcoming Windows 8 Update process.

Windows Update

I came across some interesting pointers in the update process, back tracked them and found the breakpoints, then confirmed it. Basically you can wait for 8-12 hours sometimes up to 48 hours every time you update Windows when these updates come out or your PC is effected, or GreenStone Services can fix it for you. The wonderful news (read sarcastically) is this will probably continue and it won't resolve itself and with Microsoft's recent track record with updates it will happen a few more times over the next few years.

We guess every other month ranging to every three months.

However in the meantime GreenStone can have your machine doing updates as it should within five minutes of clicking that wonderful Check for Updates button.

Some say this may have to do with Windows 10 or even favoritism to Microsoft's new operating system. It isn't. Those saying such things just haven't done their research. Although it is true that

Microsoft Logo

Companies when new products are launched will dedicate more resources on update servers and such, this is a case of updates being persnickety and Microsoft trying to fix a wrong in the process.

If you suffer from what we commonly think of as "Update Sickness" Come by today We'll be glad to have you and see what we can do for you!

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