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Spearhead attack Confirmed on Microsoft

Microsft in France Offices

Good morning to you. Be cautious of emails from people you don't know!

Since Tuesday the number of people being infected and affected by this attack from 'Fancy Bear' in Russia has been increasing.

The attack comes in through email, and attacks Adobe (part of a Windows 10) and a Windows system component at the same time.

Microsoft is saying if you use Edge you are protected already, however if not an update is scheduled to fix the loophole by weds or Thursday for most users.

From what I've gathered if you notice a influx of campaign emails discrediting party members you may have the infection. Seems innocuous and innocent, but these groups are famous for bundling nasty little viruses together.

To disable Adobe Flash in Edge:

To disable Adobe Flash in IE:

Internet Explorer Manage Add-ons Disable Adobe Flash example

No information was available to me a writing this for removal of this infection.


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